The History Of The Wild And M
ean Psychedelic Machine
September 1996

The Lovely Lads was a something Marcus Cawood had been thinking on for quit some time and the concept was simple "A rock group that played only covers of obscure and not necessarily famous songs but, songs that was easy to get groovy with because of the raw and dynamic structure". So one afternoon at the local pub. Henrik Hagdahl, who just
had started the club "Tiny Frank Jack´s", told Marcus that he needed a good rock group to open for Cry. Marcus wasn't soon to react and asked fellow friend John Krantz who was sitting there with them drunk as hell if he'd join in on bass. They phoned up advert producer Andy Pig and former drug addict and music lover Ola Frick. The gig was only two weeks away so the Lads started rehearsing. 3 times is what they managed and when you look back that's all they needed. This was to be the
Lads trademark and probably why it took over 2 years for the next concert. Read a review of the concert under the concert file. As we all know Ola disappeared after the gig. The rest of the year was quiet and many fans known as Ladheads thought that they would never see The Lads ever again. You could often see girls cry outside Ola's flat and many gave up hope after the new year


This was to be the year of the famous Lad Fight when Andy and Bob sold them self to a commercial for a chewing gum Stimorol. It ended with Andy quitting too resume to advert producing. It wasn't that bad 'cause everyone was really worried about Ola. If the Lads played ?. No, how could they with a guitar player that was missing and a drummer who likes to do butter adverts.

After 2 years rumors started to occur saying that the magic of the Lads was just a one time thing and that they was scared of playing again because it was damned to flop. But............... they had a new drummer: wild man Henrik Brundin. Where they found him ? The local pub The Pickwick pub and yes on a drunken afternoon
March 1999
Summer of 98 a football and music club was formed as Malmö Parkas 70/70 and this was to be the lifeline the Lads needed. Marcus, Bob and new guy Henrik was all in. Ola was found wandering about in Österlen in the Swedish countryside. So with Malmö Parkas backing the Lads with adverts in their fanzine and with Marcus, Henrik and others
from Malmö Parkas DJ'ing around Malmoe it became a buzz around the town. And it felt like it was time for a reunion. One fan who had survived the first gig was Magnus Svensson who had started the retro club Pushintoohard where various members from Malmö Parkas had helped out. So on the grand finale before the summer breaks '99 The Lads was going to reform. Read a review of the concert under the concert file. After this concert there gigs became happenings with all of the Malmö Parkas staff joining in. The weren't only four Lads anymore. A giant drunken mob of hundreds of so called Ladheads was always helping the Lads getting higher. At the Ladheads HQ the phone was ringing as every promoter in Malmoe wanted the Lads to play for them. And for their final gig of 1999 on Halloween night the Lads destroyed every thing in it's way dressed up as priests. Read a review of the concert under the concert file. Was this the end of The Lovely Lads?.
Only time will tell.

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