Svensk Symbolistisk Teater Malmoe
Crowd Att. 85
Well this was all kind a strange ,but the lads did the works perfectly, playing in a theater like talk show in 3 different sets. U' know baby there was free beer. In the first set the lads welcomed the screaming ladheads with the explosive Blackeyed Women and Ola hadn't done 2 chords before Marcus was bleeding from his lip. My god it was good. It transformed the Lads into a killing machine, giving all the guts that they had baby. The Lads got more and more drunk and for their final set they couldn't speak, they couldn't walk. Ola was jumping up and down. Bob was standing still concentrating so he didn't fall over. Henrik hasn't played better or harder on the beaten up drums .Marcus could only sit down beside a pink light cause that was all he could see. Did you miss this one man then I'm sorry cause it won't get any better .

Set List
Set 1
1.Blackeyed Women
2.Trippin' Out
Set 2
1. All Night Long
2. Take A Heart
Set 3
1. Crawdaddy Simone

get me home man!   yeah they are rockin'