Check out the original artist 'cause they deserive the credit

Sound of Imker: Train Of Doomsday-69
The Bad Seeds: All Night Long-65
The Troggs: From Home-66
The Zeros: The Wimp-76
The Troggs: Strange Movies-73
Stereo Shoestring: On the Road South-68
The Monkees: Steppinī Stone-66
The Deejays: Blackeyed women-66
The Syndicats: Crawdaddy Simone-65
Macabre: Be Forewarned-72
Something Wild: Trippin Out-66
The Ramones: I Don't Care-77
The In Crowd: Things She Said-65
The Soul Agents: Meanwomen Blues-64
The Sorrows: Take A Heart-65
The Snobs: Buckle Shoe Stomp-64
Billy & The Kids: When I See You-67
Chantays: Pipeline-59
Creation: Making time-66

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