24/2-2000 Stampede Ariman Lund
Crowd Att. 50
Nothing special can be said about this gig. The Lads played really well and it was god damn fast but for different reasons it was all odd. The nice ladies behind the bar where replaced by angry young feminist punks who don't know fun for bollocks. They refused Ola beer, ignoring him all the time. Marcus wasn't in a drinkin' mood sitting by the bar with a fever of 39,6 degrees C.After the Saturday's gig that was so explosive and special this was a low point but they recorded it and it sounds great . I think that this night the lads where an average band. That's a pity.

Set List
1. Pipeline 2. Blackeyed Women
3. Trippin Out 4. When I See You
5. I Don't Care 6.Take A Heart
7. Crawdaddy Simone

Note: Available on Cassette
get me home man!   yeah they are rockin'