30/4-99 At Pushin´ Too Hard Club, Malmoe
With The Roadrunners
Crowd att. 350

Reunion concert complete with new drummer Henrik. The Ladheads hadn't forgotten their lovely drunken squad. Ola was amazing doing those rock´n roll poses. Bob broke a beer bottle on his bass in the massacre of Crawdaddy Simone and Marcus was at one point fighting with the crowd. It was a riot. When you book the Lovely Lads and give them free beer they drink 'til they drop and that night they dropped.

Set List

1. Train Of Doomsday 2. From Home
3. Buckleshoe Stomp 4. Steppin´Stone
5. Blackeyed Women 6. Crawdaddy Simone
7. Be Forewarned
Note: Avalible On Video
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