26/11-99 Pushin' Too Hard, Malmoe
Crowd at: 200

This was never to be an ordinary gig. It was Halloween night so the Bob decided that they where going too dress up as priests just like the legendary group Rockin' Vickers did in the sixties. It went home very well, people really thought that our lovely squad where priests (atleast Bob was very convincing). Marcus had been in bed sick with a fever of 39,5 degrees C just the day before but as soon as the beer was on the table and the concert started in the psychedelic mood of Trippin' Out everyone forgot about it. The Lads blew their minds, they where totally out of their heads man! It was loud, furious, mean and awful but great at the same time.The Lads didn't have control over it. Ola was facing his amp just like he could see red and purple flashes coming out of there. At one point Marcus stood on Henrik's basedrum trying to hang the microphone on a tube that was stuck to the sealing. Well he tripped and in the process kicked Henrik's snare drum and cymbals so they fell to the ground (it was a mess). Luckily Marcus wasn't hurt because he fell safely in the arms of Henrik.This was undoubtedly a great end to 1999: the year when the lads reformed to find even greater success

Set List:

1. Trippin' Out 2. Allnight Long
3. Strange Movies 4. I Don't Care
5. Take A Heart 6. Blackeyed women
7. Wimp 8. Crawdaddy Simone
9. On The Road South

Note: Availble on cassette

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