30/5-99 At KulturBolaget Malmoe
With The Distortions and Robert Johnson And The Punchdrunks
Crowd att. 375
It was a great kick for the Lads to play Malmoe´s second biggest venue on their third gig. The Punchdrunks and Distortions didn't come near the energy that the Lads had that night.The Lads were a bit nervous to beging with but the hard work chanced it in to sweat after a couple of minutes. Marcus was so tense before the gig so when it was over he puked out the window.....on his own bike. Ola created psychedelic magic on the solo of Blackeyed women and John was as good doing does blues licks like he
was a black 200-pound old fart from Alabama. The sound was powerful and the concert was all-round good.And the audience was with the lads all the way, standing 'n grooving to the beat-up sound, so the gig became a great experience. The night ended on a very bright and drunken note when the Ladheads took The Punchdrunks beer and drank 'til the sun came up.

Set List:

1.Train Of Doomsday
2. Buckleshoe Stomp
3. From Home
4. Wimp
5. Allnight Long
6. Steppin´Stone
7. Blackeyed Women
8. Crawdaddy Simone
9. Be Forewarned

Note: Available On Video And CD

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