15/3-01 At Inkonst Malmoe
With The Alex Chilton Experience and The Ricochets
Crowd att. 80
It took a while for the lads to settle but the Lads grew bigger for every second. It became an odd gig with The Lads on the verge of canceling, they had no drums, a drummer who was sick but thankfully the promoter Henrik Hagdahl (who is guilty for the Lads existence from the very start, way back in 96) was eager to let them play. It was a controlled and tight gig and rather different from the show at Smålands were the Lads ended up half dead. There was less lager and less blood , you could say that this was a show for the music lover. A new song was presented: Making Time and it worked great and got good response and people was breathless has always after a Lad gig. When you look back: the lads have blown every band that they have played with off stage and it's great to have been a part if this mayhem.
Thanks Marcus, Henrik, Ola, Bob and former drummer Andy
Good luck Ola with the tour of the USA with the Moonbabies
Show those capitalist bastards how drink like a ladhead

Set List:

1.Train Of Doomsday
2. Take A Heart
3. Black eyed women
4. Trippin out
5. Making Time
6. Allnight Long
7. Crawdaddy Simone

Note: Available CD

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