The Lads In Fight Scandal
The resent recording session with the lads ended in controversy last night when bottles & instruments wore frown out of the recording studio.A police statement ha been published saying that no one was arrested as the people involved (the Lads) only did damaged to themself.
According to Aftonbladet it started when the Lads were arguing who's turn it was to play the drums. A journalist who's been documenting the recordings for his new film "I'm ok "told the press that The Lads only fooled around in the studio
and nothing has been recorded yet but The Lads-site talked to Marcus this morning and he say's otherwise: We have recorded a session with about 7 songs,some new sounds but also some old.He goes on to saying that he doesn't want to comment on the fight. A unconfirmed source has given us the following track listening. But as we know this is a rough mix and nothing that is intended for release:
1. Pipeline 2. Blackeyed Women
3. Trippin Out 4. When I See You
5. I Don't Care 6. Take A Heart
7. Crawdaddy Simone