30/4-2000 At Smalands Nation Lund
With The Chicks On Speed
Crowd att. 250
It was blood on the dancefloor and blood on the stage as the Lads rampaged through their set. Ola's hands were all covered in blood, Henrik had scratches on his fingers and Marcus ended up with some bruised ribs and a cut in his arm. Bob was the only one not hurt.The Lads were back in Lund to prove a point or two and they did baby! After along afternoon and evening, were their was nothing else to do than to drink (My God we didn't expect that one).The Lads went on stage at midnight opening with Trippin' Out.The Lads didn't save any energy for the groupies as they were all over the place and the Ladheads liked what they saw, drinking and grooving with the beat. A raw and powerful show is what you expect when you go to a Lad gig and this was a another marvelous concert. Marcus tried to explain it to the Lad-site after the gig: I don't know where we will go from here, we try to take our shows a bit further every time but at this speed we'll probaly kill someone or ourself in a couple of gig's

Set List:

1.Trippin' Out
2. Blackeyed Women
3. Train Of Doomsday
4. Allnight Long
5. I Don't Care
6. Take A Heart
7. On The Road South
8. Crawdaddy Simone

Note: Available On CD

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